Oil Trading

Abu Dhabi Crown Oil & Gas has an active and competitive trading desk with extensive knowledge in handling a wide range of petroleum products, with strategic infrastructure of Oil Terminals, Supply Vessels and Supply & Trading team based in various global locations. 

Abu Dhabi Crown Oil & Gas established itself as a dependable international trading company. The company mainly focuses on the following products:

  • Fuel Oil - various grades like 380 ct and 180 cst
  • Gas Oil
  • Bitumen - all grades, solvents and emulsions
  • Base Oil - SN 65, SN 100, SN150, SN 500, 500N, 600N, MVI & HVI Bright Stock, 2cST' 3cST, 4 cST, 6 cST & 8 cST, GTL, etc.